Many Happy Returns!

Your birthday is just around the corner and a whole new chapter is getting ready to start in your journey of life.

In the Astrological world we call this your Solar Return as the Sun will be returning to the exact same spot it was when you were born.

The Sun represents how your radiate your uniqueness into the world. It's all about your destiny and the route to the greatest version of yourself.

So when it 'returns' home, back to your birth position, this marks an important pivotal moment and your unique Solar Return chart for your year ahead reflects this.

A Solar Return Consultation has two separate jigsaw pieces. The first piece is about making sense of your past year.

By reflecting over key events you will gain a new perspective and understanding which will enable you to close any karmic loops that would impact you moving forward.

The second jigsaw piece is looking at your year ahead. Understanding where the energy is focused so that you can flow into your next journey and have an awareness of the key themes that will be appearing in your life.

I had a solar return reading with Prue (as my birthday gift to myself!) after being blown away and getting so much from my monthly lunar return readings with her. During the reading we reviewed my previous year and how the various transits in my chart played out on my life’s stage, and then looked at the themes for the year ahead. What I love most about Prue’s readings is how practical they are — highlighting things to be aware of, how to make the most of upcoming transits and how best to navigate them. Prue’s insights and guidance have been absolutely invaluable to me, I can’t recommend her enough! 
Katie, Holistic Therapist

What will you get from booking your Solar Return session?

Your Solar Return Consultation will be divided into two distinct sections

Solar return 2

The Past

The first part of your session will be reflecting over your past year. This is your time to make sense and understand the deeper meaning of the journey that you have experienced and to close any energetic loops.


The Future

The second part will be looking at your year ahead. You will gain a clear understanding of the key themes that will be emerging as well as where in your life this solar energy will be specifically focused.

My yearly Solar Return session is part of my self care routine. I get to make sense of all that has passed and get ready for all that is coming. Everyone needs a Solar Return Reading - truly.

Caroline Matthews

Prue is an amazing, professional and truly insight woman. Her incredible persona makes for a relaxing and honest experience and I throughly recommend. Go with an open mind - as a business professional I can honestly say Prue is highly capable and will give you an interesting perspective on your values and life vision.

Paul Mercer

"Prue's knowledge of Astrology is outstanding. She has this amazing ability which helps you understand how your life issues are reflected by these bigger cycles.  I've had several Astrology Returns and each one has been unique, special and very life affirming. I'd highly recommend her.”

Emily Matthews

Diving into my astrology chart with Prue over the past few yearsbhas been eye opening & life changing. Prue is amazingly knowledgeable & intuitive. I highly recommend the profound experience of astrology with Prue.

Katie Abbott

Information about your Solar Return Consultation


You can book your Consultation directly here


The price is £90. 

Each Consultation is recorded so you can refer back to it any any point in the future.

There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.

William Barclay

Yes! I'm ready!

I want to have deeper wisdom for the year that i've just had and to know what is around that next corner!