Welcome to The Big Three


Do you ever get a sense that there is more to life than what you can physically see?

That underneath the busyness of life, you can detect a divine wisdom that can be tapped into for greater clarity about your role in life and your purpose for being here?

The Big Three is an online interactive programme where you will, within a small group discover how Astrology is influencing your destiny, emotional well being and approach to life.


This three week online programme will give you a deeper insight and understanding about who you are and your unique place in the world.

Each week is dedicated to the luminaries (the Sun and Moon) and your Rising sign.

These astrological areas have long been acknowledged as being the gatekeepers to deep spiritual understanding.

By delving into each of these planets - both their astrological stories and personal journeys - you will gain a clearer understanding of your destiny, your emotional needs as well as how you naturally approach your calling.


I am so glad I did this programme! Prue is absolutely incredible - so warm, and welcoming with such an amazing ability to bring a group of strangers together and connect them all.

Her knowledge and insight of astrology is just amazing  and I learnt so much about myself and also my family members and why we are the way we are.  The three weeks have definitely helped me to develop in every area of my life and I can't wait to have more sessions with Prue in the future.

Hannah Johnson - June 2021

I absolutely loved this course. It was fascinating, fun and far exceeded my expectations. So many wonderful insights which helped me get to know myself a little bit better.

Jo Stones - June 2021

The Big Three is fantastic. This programme helped me to understand more about myself and others. We are more than just our 'Horoscope signs'  Prue's gift of knowledge is amazing and she is always passing  on information, recordings,  meditations during the course of the Programme  she goes beyond the session times and days. I highly recommend investing in your self and participating with  others who also are interested to find out more about ones self. Loved it.

Lidia Winter - December 2021


I'm a big believer that the more you understand yourself, the more you can create a life that aligns with your soul. I love Prue's calm and focused approach to astrology and find it incredibly powerful to be around her. When Prue launched the Big Three I couldn't wait to sign up. I've learnt so much about my chart and really recommend this to anyone who is taking their first steps into astrology. Prue is a great teacher and makes things really manageable.  Thank you Prue!

Hannah Power - November 2021

The Big Three has truly deepened my knowledge of my sun, moon & rising sign. Its a lovely way to connect back to the self, understand more about the self  & how you can support the self going forward, all through the understanding of the signs that rule us. Prue is so incredibly knowledgeable & informative & I felt it was also such a lovely journey to be able to connect with others & understand their charts too along the journey, to remind ourselves that we are all on this journey together. Thank you Prue

Katie Abbott - September 2021

I have just completed Prue’s recent The Big 3 course. I am amazed by the amount of insights and information she imparted to the group over the three sessions and the intervening weeks. So much care was given to the content of the sessions to make it easily accessible to all , and the personal video readings brought so many of my outlooks, behaviours and attitudes to life. I cannot recommend this course highly enough, or Prue’s abilities for reading our charts. Thank you.

Carey Warden

Is the Big Three for me?

Each week you will journey into three different domains

sun big threeee

The Sun

In your personal Astrological chart, the Sun represents your destiny. It's your map which guides you to becoming the greatest version of yourself.


The Moon

The Moon reveals your private, emotional world - the actions and behaviours that you need to seek in order to feel safe and secure in your world.


The Rising Sign

Your Rising Sign holds the behaviours that others see when they first meet you and the path that you prefer to follow when you move forward.

Yes I want to delve into the mysteries of life

I absolutely loved taking part in the Big Three with Prue! The course was a wonderful combination of taught material, group discussion online, and check ins and chats during the week on WhatsApp. Prue is so generous with her knowledge and time, answering all our questions, and providing Individual video insights throughout the weeks too. I feel like I have new insight into myself and others in my life, and feel very fortunate to have taken part - I would recommend to anyone keen to learn more about astrology and their own chart!

Zanna Izatt - April 2021

Prue has an innate ability to connect with your spirit while utilizing her extensive knowledge on astrology. Through the work she does, Prue manages to put everything in easy to understand terms and creates a safe place for us to be able to gauge ourselves in connection with the universe.  She is a radiant shining star and an angel for sure

Louise Monger - April 2021

This programme was amazing and went above and beyond my expectations. The Information Prue shares is priceless and the content just keeps coming. Not only did we have the 3 weekly sessions but personalised videos every week, plus other additional tip bits. This stuff should be taught in schools, it was such a relief to my soul hear what Prue had to say. I strongly believe that what happens has been written in the stars.

Lisa Satchell

I wasn't sure what to expect from The Big 3 programme but I was very intrigued. I am so glad I took Part in this journey. It has given me a better understanding of how I approach life and how I sometimes feel that conflict. It has given me a deeper and better understanding of me and in many ways has been a real therapy. 

It was also a pleasure to do this with other people as I also gained so many insights from looking at others charts and the energy and vibrancy they brought. Would highly recommend.

Satie Punglia- November 2021

The Big Three with Prue is an enriching, enlightening and truly engaging experience. Her care , deep knowledge and sensitivity creates a beautiful safe atmosphere to hear and learn more and more about oneself from an astrological point of view.  The programme is packed full of information, wisdom and learning, which I am still digesting. There is plenty to chew on! Thank you Prue

Geraldine Wood - September 2021

The Big Three was such a wonderful experience and I'm so grateful and happy that I was a part of it. The whole programme was so well thought out and felt like such a warm and safe space to share and discuss experiences and thoughts. Prue is such a lovely teacher and friend and is so brilliant at sharing her knowledge and making everyone feel welcome and involved. 

Elie Lawson - September 2021

I was really curious to understand more about astrology and The Big Three was enlightening, illuminating, fascinating, and felt so bespoke to me. I'm big on personal development, growth and self-awareness and this gave me an awareness and understanding of myself from a whole different dimension. Prue is so passionate about the topic and shared and explained the content in such a mindful way, meeting us where we were, building our knowledge gradually, and recapping for full benefit. If you're open to making sense of who you are and are curious to understand more about your Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign, don't hesitate to sign up. I loved this course and felt in such safe supportive hands with Prue - thank you!

Gillian Gabriel

Prices and Dates


The next programme starts on Wednesday 12th June and continues on the 19th and 26th June. The sessions take place on Zoom starting at 7.30pm until 9.00pm.

Recordings will be available if you unable to attend.


The early bird price until the 27th May is £150.

After that the price is £190.

Limited places

Class sizes are limited to no more than 7 to ensure there is plenty of time for questions and personal guidance for your own chart.

Yes! I'm keen!

Yes I'm ready to take my place in June!