The Wheel of Life

Do you feel that you are at a crossroads in your life? That there is an internal tussle taking place?  That one part of you is pulling backwards towards the safety and security of the past and all that is familiar.

And another part of you, which refuses to be ignored, is propelling you forward into new unchartered waters.

Gaining personal clarity and understanding is invaluable during these times of transition. And the ancient wisdom of Astrology can guide and transform your life decisions.

The Wheel of Life is a three month spiritual journey where you be gain deeper understanding of yourself, your current life situation and develop your own personal tools for greater clarity and peace in your day to day life.

Your Wheel of life is always turning - whether you are aware of it or not.

And in an increasingly busy world, it’s easy to lose track of the life that you wish to live.

And while there is a wealth of information available ‘out there’ it can often feel overwhelming, contradictory and confusing.

Having time and space for yourself to lift the veil on your deepest wishes and hopes is the greatest gift that you can give yourself.

The Wheel of Life is a three month experience where we work closely together to explore the messages and the magic that the universe holds.


These last 3 months have helped me enormously. I have found the predictions about my life invaluable and your approach is clear , friendly and immensely helpful. I can’t thank you enough.

Anne Curley

How you will benefit from The Wheel of Life

Taking the Wheel of Life from the beginning of the year was perfect timing and really beneficial. Your gifts, talents and patience along with your warmth is really appreciated. It really did help me and feel like I had support in my dark times, so I thank you from the bottom of my heart 


Is it time?

Are you ready to go on your own three month journey of personal discovery?

Each month the Wheel of Life will give you:


Individual Support

Every two weeks we have one hour together to explore the themes that are emerging in your life and understand their origins and healing opportunity

rising sign

Weekly touchstone

Every Monday morning you will have your own weekly touchstone focused on how the Astrological planets are personally influencing you.


Guided Meditations

Each month new meditations are available from my website. As part of the Wheel of Life you will have access to all the products free of charge

Are you ready to start your own Wheel of life journey?

Pricing and Dates


The Wheel of Life is £150 per month

Invoices are sent at the beginning of each month


The Wheel of Life is designed around you and depending on availability can be started at the beginning of the next month. 


There are five Wheel of Places available at any one time.

If all the spaces are taken - you will informed as to the next available opening.