Astrological Return

Continuing your Astrological journey for greater spiritual depth and personal understanding

Therapy prices

60 minutes£90

Each planet in the sky is continually moving and connecting to your natal chart.  And while you can’t actually see this, on many levels you will feel it as the twists and turns of your life are closely entwined to the heavens above. When a planet has completed a cycle – we call this a ‘Return’ as the planet has returned to the place in your chart from where it first started.

An Astrological Return session is also about coming back to your natal chart and seeing how the current movement of the planets are directly influencing your life. These sessions follow on from your initial Astrological Consultation. They offer a deeper dive into your natal chart as well as looking at particular theme that is emerging in your life.

Astrological Returns can be booked on an ad hoc basis or specifically around a cycle such as your ‘Solar Return’. This happens each year when the Sun returns to the same place it was when you were born (your birthday) – this is a powerful time to look at the past as well as the new cycle which is setting your next year in motion.

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The ancient wisdom of Astrology supported our ancestors, ourselves and will continue to illuminate the way for those who come after us