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My holistic health journey started 25 years ago. Back then I was living in London and working in Public Relations. And while on paper life looked great; physically and emotionally it felt quite the opposite.

One of the hardest things about this time was that I couldn’t quite pin down what the problem was. Getting a new job, a new home, a new relationship only ever seemed to offer a short term fix and before long I was back to feeling anxious and alone. It seemed that everyone else looked ‘sorted’ and I was at best surviving and at worst, lost, incompetent and feeling like a total outsider.

Astrology coach Prue Nichols
Prue Nichols massage

So after reading many books, taking many courses and having many sleepless nights I decided to jump off the corporate ladder and move to Asia where I spent two years in Thailand and India. This time led me to a completely different understanding of life and how interconnected the seen and the unseen world were. I could see that my greatest insecurities were directing me towards my greatest gifts and the pain I had been trying to avoid was actually a gateway to my life’s purpose. By living away from my habitual distractions I gained a sense of calmness and peace as I naturally fell into a cyclical lifestyle which was guided directly by nature.

On my return to the UK, I dedicated myself to deepening my understanding of how physical and energetic blocks can be released through spiritual touch and energetic healing.

Astrological healer Prue Nichols

My training has ranged from conventional anatomy and physiology, holistic massage, flower remedies, reflexology, nutritional healing to evolutionary astrology, tarot reading and shamanic journeying.

20 years and over 9,000 hours of bodywork treatments later, I firmly believe that our bodies are in constant communication with us. I’ve witnessed the transformations that occur when we reconnect to ourselves and listen to our own inner wisdom. And while there is no one solution that fits all, I know how wise your soul is and that once you’re in a sacred space, your body will show you what it needs to be healed.

My practice reveres the infinite power of nature and is dedicated to the moon, the planets and the astrological gods which influence our day to day lives. My focus is to honour you wherever you are on your life’s journey by creating a spiritual experience which nourishes your body and soul. My heart’s desire is that through this offering you remember your own unique perfectness and your precious place in the world.

The Natural Laws of Work - Prue Nichols

Bringing Self Care & Balance to the Workplace

I am passionate about wellbeing and how we can heal ourselves with nature, knowledge and compassionate living. I wrote my book The Natural Laws of Work – how to stay cool, calm and collected in the office. It looks at how we can maintain our natural balance in a busy and often stress filled environment.