Astrological healer Prue Nichols
Astrological healer Prue Nichols

Combining Energetic Healing, Spiritual Guidance & Sacred Astrology to Transform Your Every Day Life.

People usually find me when something doesn’t feel quite right. It could be an ache or pain in your body or a worry or fear that keeps re-appearing. Whatever the reason I can help. For over 20 years I’ve been working in the holistic field creating treatments that alleviate pain and release emotional suffering.

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Prue Nichols

“Each astrology reading or energetic healing session is influenced by the changing seasons, astrological planets and most importantly – your current life circumstances.”

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Being in pain is never easy. And often we’ll do anything to avoid experiencing it. Yet, from all the hundreds of people that I’ve worked with, I know that pain and discomfort is your body’s way of trying to get your attention. Because your body is always communicating with you. It’s just sometimes you’ve forgotten how to listen. Sometimes the stress and tension is so loud that it’s all you can hear. And my job is to change that by creating treatments that are completely focused on what you need at that moment.

I also know that you are totally unique. Nobody experiences life in the same way. So my role is to create an experience that is tailored just for you. I use astrology as a guide along with essential oils, tarot cards and flower remedies so that you remember how it is to feel nurtured, understood and and totally at home in your body.


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Letting go of pain and anxiety by connecting to nature, touch and inner wisdom.


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