Full Moon in Pisces

Tomorrow morning (at 9.58am) the Full Moon arrives As for the past two weeks, the lunar energy has been steadily building And tomorrow the intensity peaks as we reach the…

Tomorrow morning (at 9.58am) the Full Moon arrives

As for the past two weeks, the lunar energy has been steadily building

And tomorrow the intensity peaks as we reach the climax of this particular moon cycle

So right now you’re more connected to your inner world

It is likely that your emotions are heightened

And you could well be feeling more vulnerable than usual

Especially as this Full Moon is in Pisces – the most sensitive of all the Astrological signs

So don’t be concerned if you’re feeling off kilter

Because even if you are feeling confused or adrift

Full Moons always offer illumination

And one of the best ways to navigate this emotionally charged time is to look back to the beginning of March.

As this is when the New Moon was in Pisces.

Any intentions that you set then, both consciously and unconsciously, will be coming to be a head now.

So it’s always useful to reflect on what was going on for you then and see how it could be influencing you at this current time.

Aptly, this moon is called the Harvest Moon.

In times gone by, this supercharged lunar light was especially revered as it gave farmers precious additional time to harvest their crops.

And while you may not be out there physically in the fields – this is a great time to look at your own harvest.

To look at what you’ve been cultivating within.

Because Pisces, ruled by Neptune, is a water sign and as with all water signs they take the shape of their environment.

So now more than ever you’ll be influenced by your surroundings.

Who you are with and where you spend your time is particularly important right now.

This moon can often pull you into the lives of others without you realising it.

Having a structure really helps so that you can consciously choose how to work with this rich sea of Piscean wisdom.

And while one part of you may be wanting order and focus (let’s not forget that we are still in Virgo season).

Another part of you may be feeling disorientated

That on some some level you’re feeling pulled into the spiritual realms

Which in a society which values productivity, this may feel confusing and at times overwhelming.

However this time, more than any other is about letting go of that ‘to do’ list.

To sit in the middle of any confusion and give yourself permission to dream.

Where-ever this Full Moon sits in your natal chart will illuminate a specific area of your life.

It will show you where the magic wants to come in – to re-inspire the wonder in your life again.

So notice what thought, vision or sign is trying to get your attention.

It’s a particularly important time to pay attention to your dreams.

Pisces is naturally at home in the dream world as it needs more sleep than all the other signs.

This is because dreams are Pisces way of making sense of life and finding balance and clarity in this material world.

Setting a dream intention around any questions you have or issues that need more clarity is particularly powerful under this Full Moon.

Writing down your dreams immediately upon waking will often reveal profound insights.

So if you can

Take some time to just ‘be’..

To allow life to flow unrestricted, un-contained and see what this Full Moon wants to illuminate for you right now.

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