Full Moon in Scorpio

Tomorrow evening the Full Moon arrives which is the most intense and emotionally charged time in your month

Tomorrow evening the Full Moon arrives.

And for regular readers

We know that this is the most powerful and intense time in our month

As the skies are opening to reveal new insight and information that until now has been hidden

And while this is deeply cathartic and cleansing

It can also feel uncomfortable

Especially as this Full Moon is following closely behind the two turbulent eclipses

Which reopened childhood wounds and stirred old forgotten suffering.

It’s also important to acknowledge that this Full Moon is in the sign of Scorpio

The deepest and most mysterious member of the Astrological family

So it is likely that buried emotions and fears may once again rise to the surface

However this isn’t as a punishment

A celestial castigation for past misdeeds

But as an opportunity for soul healing and wholeness.

The energy of Scorpio is very much at home in the underworld

And this Moon is wishing to accompany you into the unchartered territory of your psyche

As you can use her increased lunar light to uncover what emotional wound has been suppressed

Because the Full Moon in Scorpio is gifted at seeking out that which has been buried

So this is the time to pay attention to those areas in your life which are usually left untouched

Look at where 5 degrees of Scopio is in your natal chart as this where your story begins

(You can book a consultation here if you would like to investigate how this lunar light is influencing your personally)

Because right now a portal is being opened

Which is holding parts of your life story that has been frozen

And if you can use this time to venture closer towards your darkest fears

Then your self imposed limitations can be overcome

Because this Full Moon wants you to accept all the shades of who you are

The dark and the light

Because we need all of you

And shadows are only created when we walk towards the light

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