Full Moon in Taurus

Tomorrow morning (at 8.57am) the Full Moon arrives. Full Moons are the most intense times of your month as they are the climax of the lunar cycle This is the…

Tomorrow morning (at 8.57am) the Full Moon arrives.

Full Moons are the most intense times of your month as they are the climax of the lunar cycle

This is the time when parts of your life will be illuminated

And you’re likely to feel an emotional surge right now

And depending on where you are in your life

This can be either a time of excitement, celebration and joy

Or frustration, anxiety and overwhelm

And to ensure that this Full Moon really grabs your attention

It is also a Lunar Eclipse – which is three times more potent than a regular Full Moon

Eclipses herald powerful, pivotal times in your life

They signify endings and beginnings

And it will be impossible to ignore any areas of your life that are no longer working

That are no longer in alignment with your greater life purpose

And while this may feel overwhelming

Events and situations that arise right now are actually designed to help you move forward

As this Eclipse is conjunct (next to) the North Node.

This means that this Full Moon is closely connected to your destiny and your future self

So be aware that any break downs that arise right now

Are actually meaningful events that are showing you which parts of your life have served their purpose

So what is it that needs to be released and let go of?

And while this new Eclipse cycle will ripple for the next two years

It’s actually connected to themes that were happening in your life in November 2002

Because Eclipses repeat on 19 year cycles

So it’s worthwhile to look back and see what was happening

What events unfolded back then that forced you to move forward in some way?

And while being on the cusp (and pushed out) of your comfort zone can be daunting

Take comfort that there is a bigger picture at play right now

And finally, it’s also important to know that this Full Moon is in the sign of Taurus

Taurus is connected to themes around money, relationships and your body

As a ‘fixed’ Earth sign – Taurus’ desire for security and stability can at times lead to stagnation

Being stuck in old outworn patterns

So on one hand you may find yourself torn between wanting to leap forward (eclipse energy)

And wanting to stay safe (Taurus energy)

One way to help navigate these shifts is by spending time in nature

Nature is one of the greatest teachers

And will remind you that your life is always in a constant state of fluidity

Whether you are aware of it or not

So whatever part of your life is being illuminated and eclipsed right now

(Look at where 27 degrees of Taurus is)

Trust that whatever emerges is actually designed to support your greater purpose

You’re still in Scorpio season (and will be until the 21st of November)

This is one of the deepest and most mysterious times of your year

So know that your feelings will reflect this depth and intensity

And while it may not make sense right now

Allowing emotions to melt and release will be part of a great healing and transformation