New Moon Eclipse

This most potent and introspective time of your month is coming tomorrow evening

Tomorrow, in the early evening the New Moon cycle begins.

As always this is a time of new beginnings, hopes and dreams

As the unconscious will often reveal visions that are connected to your future.

Any action, choice or movement forward is always easier around a New Moon

As the influx of negative ions into the atmosphere help you cleanse emotionally and physically

And withdrawal symptoms from letting go of unwanted behaviors are always less

And this New Moon is particularly potent

Because this New Moon is also a Solar Eclipse

And Solar Eclipses are always connected to the North or South Node

While the South Node illuminates conditioned beliefs and behaviours linked to the past

This New Moon is aligned with the North Node which is connected to your destiny and ultimate fulfilment

So notice what is arising at this time

Each year we have between four and seven eclipses

And the position of the Eclipse is repeated every 19 years

The last time you experienced this specific Eclipse placement was on April 8th 2005

So thinking back to that time is especially useful.

What was important back then and how are these themes being repeated right now?

Because Solar Eclipses mark major turning points in your life

They signify endings and beginnings

Old outworn patterns are often broken so that new opportunities can emerge

So notice where 19 degrees of Aries sits in your natal chart

This is the area of your life that is acting as a catalyst for your evolution.

And while this is a time of opportunity

It can also feel unsettling

Firstly the bright light of the Sun is being temporarily blocked (eclipsed) by the Moon

And this can leave can leave you feeling less confident and emotionally depleted

And secondly this Eclipse is conjunct (sitting next to) Chiron

Chiron is the wounded healer

His placement is connected to suffering experienced in childhood

So his role in tomorrow’s New Moon Eclipse is to open old wounds

To unpick those scabs from yesterday

So the repressed, almost forgotten pain

So they can be released and cleared for the final time.

This isnt easy.

So you may find that your energy levels fluctuate over the next few days

And as Aries rules the head – you could feel any built up tension in this area of your body

So if you can, take some time for stillness

To spend time outside closer to the celestial heavens

So that you can re-connect to your own internal wisdom

And listen to the dreams waiting to come forward into manifestation.

This Eclipse energy will continue to ripple for the next six months

And while Eclipses are often referred to as ‘wildcards’

Bringing unexpectant (and sometimes unwanted) situations to your front door

Take comfort in the knowledge that they are here to support you

That events that unfold are part of a bigger plan

To propel you forward, in huge quantum leaps,

Towards the life of your most bold and brave dreams.

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