New Moon in Pisces

Tomorrow afternoon the New Moon arrives. And this New Moon is in the sign of Pisces. As the last sign in the astrological cycle – this moon brings a great…

Tomorrow afternoon the New Moon arrives.

And this New Moon is in the sign of Pisces.

As the last sign in the astrological cycle – this moon brings a great deal of ancient wisdom

The veil between the two worlds is at it’s thinnest.

And as Pisces is the most sensitive of all the signs

You may well be feeling more emotional, more receptive to the feelings of others right now.

Especially as this Moon is conjunct (sitting next to) the planet Jupiter.

Jupiter expands whatever it is close to

So the mystical and perceptive energy that this New Moon brings is very much enhanced

As a water sign – Pisces is deeply aware and hyper sensitive to the feelings of others

And this sign, more than any other – can struggle with harshness of living under Earth’s rules and boundaries

As this sign longs for soul connection – merging back into a state of oneness

So you may find yourself a little disconnected from everyday reality

More tired and less able to focus on day to day life.

And while this may feel disorientating this time is actually incredibly powerful

As this New Moon wants you to look at your life beyond the constrictions of everyday reality.

To access a different view of your life through your dreams – both daydreaming and night dreaming.

And as New Moons are alway seeding moments, a energetic portal to create something new in your life

This is your chance to imagine a different future not just for ourself but for the current turbulent world.

Yet this time comes with a caveat.

While you can embrace the magical potential

You also need to be aware that Pisces is connection to illusion and delusion.

Pisces is represented by two fishes – bonded by a silver cord.

They show the conflicting pull that Pisces often struggles with

One fish is swimming upwards towards divine connection

The other fish swimming downwards towards escapism and self sabotage

So this is a time to stay true to yourself and what is real for you.

While the Pisces energy may feel like it is pushing and pulling you, it’s important to stay connected to your bigger life purpose.

To focus on manifesting your greatest dreams.

Look at where 12 degrees of Pisces is in your natal chart as this will illuminate the area of your life that this energy is a catalyst for

And as with all New Moons; any new behaviours are fortified and strengthened by the full power of the lunar cycle.

Creative visualisation was made for a Pisces New Moon as were all the mystical arts that include yoga, meditation and chanting.

So this is a potent time to switch off from the noise and distractions of all that surrounds you.

To rest more, to sleep more, to dream more,

Just take some time to sit in silence.

As the last moon of the energetic year (in the Astrology world the new year starts on the 20th March)

This is also a time for reflection and integration

It’s a time of release and in many ways spiritual cleansing

So allow your emotions to flow in whatever way they wish.

However you are feeling, however life appears to you

The magic of the unseen world is always open to you – especially right now.