Happy Birthday!

In Astrology, your Birthday is referred to as your Solar Return.

This is because - once a year - the Sun returns to exactly the same spot it was when you were born.

Ancient Astrologers who worked with royalty and rulers, always paid greater attention to this time as it was acknowledged that additional guidance was given from the heavens.

And when your Sun returns to it's natal placement - a unique chart is created.

This is called your Solar Return chart and is a blueprint and guide for your year ahead.


To make the most of your new year you can book your own Solar Return Consultation.

This Consultation will give you personalised Astrological information of what to expect for your next year.

You will also understand the most important key themes likely to emerge and how they are linked to previous episodes in your life.

And finally you will have access to the most influencial dates so that you can make the most of these auspicious times

I had a solar return reading with Prue (as my birthday gift to myself!) after being blown away and getting so much from my monthly lunar return readings with her. During the reading we reviewed my previous year and how the various transits in my chart played out on my life’s stage, and then looked at the themes for the year ahead. What I love most about Prue’s readings is how practical they are — highlighting things to be aware of, how to make the most of upcoming transits and how best to navigate them. Prue’s insights and guidance have been absolutely invaluable to me, I can’t recommend her enough! 
Katie Shellard
Founder Fernwood Remedies

Your Solar Return Consultation is focused on two distinct sections of your life

Solar return 2

The Present

The first part of your session will reflect over your past year and where this adventure has led you to. This invaluable time means that you can make sense and understand the deeper meaning of your year's journey.

The Aries Collective 2

The Future

The second part will be looking at your year ahead. To ensure that you can make the most of this new year-long cycle- your Consultation will focus on the key themes that will be emerging and where in your life you are most likely to feel this influence

Find out more about having a Solar Return Consultation by watching this video with my client Danielle North about her experience.


Questions that you may have about your Solar Return Consultation

Is the Solar Return Consultation online or in person?

This Consultation is on Zoom.

It is recorded so that you can review for reference.

How long does it take?

The Solar Return Consultation is 75 minutes

When is the best time to book it?

The best time to book your Solar Return Consultaton is in the month of your birthday.

Some people like to have this Consultation before their birthday to reflect and assess before their yearly wheel turns.

Other people prefer to have this time once they have entered their new year. 

How much does it cost?

The price is £105

If you book your Consultation in the next 48 hours you'll receive a birthday discount - reducing the Consultation to £90

How do I book?

You can book your Solar Return session here.

This takes you through to the diary and discounted payment.

My yearly Solar Return session is part of my self care routine. I get to make sense of all that has passed and get ready for all that is coming. Everyone needs a Solar Return Reading - truly.

Caroline Matthews

Prue is an amazing, professional and truly insight woman. Her incredible persona makes for a relaxing and honest experience and I throughly recommend. Go with an open mind - as a business professional I can honestly say Prue is highly capable and will give you an interesting perspective on your values and life vision.

Paul Mercer

Prue's knowledge of Astrology is outstanding. She has this amazing ability which helps you understand how your life issues are reflected by these bigger cycles.  I've had several Astrology Returns and each one has been unique, special and very life affirming. I'd highly recommend her.

Emily Matthews

Diving into my astrology chart with Prue over the past few years has been eye opening & life changing. Prue is amazingly knowledgeable & intuitive. I highly recommend the profound experience of astrology with Prue.

Katie Abbott

Just finished the most incredible astrology reading session from the truly magic Prue Nichols. What I have gained has blown my mind. I feel like Prue has stepped into my soul and given me permission to own my true self as a leader. She has put a light on everything I stand for, what I feel called to do in my work and what I need in order to continue to bring my best and happiest, highest self forward.

Leigh Howes

Book here for your discounted Solar Return Consultation. This is your time to have greater clarity for your year ahead.

There are two great days in a person's life - the day we are born and the day we discover why.

William Barclay