The last Full Moon of 2021

In the early hours of Sunday morning (4.34am) the Gemini Full Moon arrives. Full Moons are one of the most powerful times of your month As it heralds a call…

In the early hours of Sunday morning (4.34am) the Gemini Full Moon arrives.
Full Moons are one of the most powerful times of your month
As it heralds a call to remember your connection to the bigger picture.
Celtic traditions believed that Full Moons created a thinning between the realms of life and death
Which was often signified through poignant dreams of loved ones no longer in the physical form.
And there are many cultures which follow rituals around the ‘drinking of the Moon’
When people would come together to lie under the rays of the Moon or drink from Full Moons cups for health and fertility.
Indeed, our ancestors would have naturally lived more in alignment with this ancient cycle
And would have intuitively adapted their behaviours when the Moon cycle peaked  Because they understood that thoughts and feeling are intensified at this time
That the surge of positive ions into the atmosphere
Creating a cleansing and thickening of your blood flow
Will directly influence your experience of life.
Because during the Full Moon – your social mask is withdrawn – and your reactive response is released
Which, if you’re out of flow with life – will feel like congestion and irritation
And while the energy of this time has been building since the New Moon on December 4th
You’re actually still under the influenced of the Gemini New Moon which happened six months ago
For this was when this energetic cycle was seeded.
Gemini is ruled by the planet Mercury, and is closely connected to your mind
How you think, communicate and process your world around you.
So this is a time to consider your thoughts forms-
What are you focusing on?
Where is your mental energy being directed?
Because as the Rosicrucianism are renown for saying “thoughts have wings”;
So this is a potent time to consider your mental health
Because the quick thinking and agility of the Gemini mind can turn in on itself if it is not consciously channelled.
And finally it is important to know that this Full Moon is closely aligned with the galactic centre of the Milky Way galaxy
Stephanie Austin, Vocational Astrologer states that for the ancient Mayans, the heart of our Milky Way was the Hunab Ku, or Mother Womb
A whirling disk which gave birth to the stars and all life.
Modern astronomers have found that the galactic centre is indeed a rotating disk;
A supermassive black hole which consumes and births new stars.
Stephanie adds that in 1931, telephone engineer Karl Jansky detected radio waves emanating from the core of our galaxy,
Strong enough to disrupt radio transmissions on Earth.
So the alignment of this Full Moon to the Mother Womb means that you can tap into this galactic support.
That during these times of transition, you have an increased ability to remember your cosmic origins, divinity and destiny.
As ultimately this Gemini Full Moon is illuminating the area of your life ripe for change and release
Look at where 27 degrees of Gemini is in your natal chart as this is the area of your life under the spotlight.
Because ultimately this Full Moon offers you a deep and powerful opportunity for cleansing and healing.
As always sending you lots of love as we move out of 2021 and get ready to embrace the new energy of 2022.
(Astrology-wise another exciting year awaits!)