Astrological Therapies

Find your purpose and balance in an unbalanced world

For over two decades I have been helping people to reconnect to their emotional, physical and spiritual ease by opening a portal to the unseen world. If you are unsure of which offering is for you, then book a chemistry call and I can advise you of the best place to start.

Astrology consultance Prue Nichols

Astrology Consultation

Connecting to your life’s purpose through your astrological natal chart

Astrological Return

Understand how the current movement of the planets are directly influencing your life

Astrological Empowerment

A three month journey of self discovery which is guided by the Astrological seasons

Holistic Massage

Using sacred touch to find peace and wisdom within your body

Spiritual Guidance

Using ancient, spiritual techniques to soothe your soul

Awakened Relationships

Clearing communication blocks and gaining new insights in your relationships