Astrology Consultation

Using your natal chart for deep spiritual understanding and clarity

Consultation prices

Consultation (90 minutes)£120
Consultation (60 minutes)£90

Astrology has always captivated me. My Mum loved knowing what people’s sun signs were and would often make sweeping statements about what particular signs meant about that person. And for many years I used to think that astrology only consisted of the 12 different star signs, neatly packaged into somewhat superficial sound bites. However I knew in my soul this was just a glimpse of something much deeper. That the heart of this work wasn’t to place people in a box and tell them about some generalised personality traits.

Because true astrology taps into something so much bigger. These teachings were born from meticulous records and observations of the Mesopotamian priests who lived on the vast desert plains many thousands of years ago. They spent lifetimes studying the heavens to reveal the messages of the gods so that people could realise the deeper meaning and context to their life stories. And to me, this ancient astrological world is still very much alive today.

Honouring the planets and the different astrological signs within your natal chart will help you understand yourself in a way that no other guidance can. Each Astrological Consultation is created for you and focuses on your questions at this point in time. This is an interview explaining more about booking a treatment.

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Astrology is often called the blueprint of your soul – your completely unique guide to support you as your navigate your journey of life.