Massage in Monmouth

Combining massage, reflexology and Reiki to restore your emotional and physical wellbeing

Treatment prices

90 minutes£90

Touch to me is sacred. Long before I trained professionally I used to massage my friend’s shoulders. I loved tuning into each body and listening to what it needed. And that feeling has never changed. I believe that your body is in constant communication with you and your holistic treatment is a doorway to understanding exactly what your body needs.

Holistic treatments are created specifically for you. Sometimes it may be focused upon a stubborn knot in your shoulder, pain in your lower back or ongoing tension headaches. And other times it may be less tangible – a sense of ill-ease, something feeling off or anxiety that you can’t explain. So no matter whether your primary ailment is physical or emotional – having a holistic treatment will help.

At the beginning of your treatment, we look at how you are feeling and what it is that you wish to focus upon. There are no fixed routines. This time is led by your body and guided by your feelings so that you will feel deeply rested and restored.

Find out what your holistic treatment might look like by watching this video.

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If you’re unsure of what you want, I’d suggest a 90 minute holistic treatment. This is my most popular treatment and will be guided by the moon cycle and seasonal influences.