Awakened Relationships

Deepening connection by understanding and clearing communication blocks within your relationships

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90 minutes£150

Mercury is the planet of communication. And everyone has Mercury within their natal charts. It represents how you speak, what you think about and how you like to receive information. When you meet people who have a similar Mercury to yours, then you’ll notice an ease of connection. There is usually a sense of being understood and listened to as your speaking styles naturally enhance each other.

When you meet someone whose Mercury style differs significantly to yours, you may well notice that on some level you need to monitor your words and hold back from truly expressing who you are. And when you notice this unacknowledged tension with partners or family, you are more likely to have a heightened sense of stress and misunderstanding in that relationship.

However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Relationship Healing is about creating a space for you both to find unity and connection. This is achieved by understanding where these blocks originate from so that you can move forward with new insight and understanding. This session is guided by both of your Astrology charts so that your relationship will move forward with more depth, understanding and insight of both yourself and the relationship.

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Relationship Healing are guided by your Astrological Natal Chart. It is your space where you can truly hear each other to find new insights and understandings in your relationship.