New Moon in Aquarius

Tomorrow (Friday) evening the New Moon arrives. This is the time when a new page turns in your book of life And as this New Moon is a Super Moon…

Tomorrow (Friday) evening the New Moon arrives.

This is the time when a new page turns in your book of life

And as this New Moon is a Super Moon

(Meaning that during its orbit it has travelled closest to Earth)

You’ll feel the symbolism and influence more strongly

So this is an important time to notice what issues are arising in your life

Because they will be connected in some way to this new cycle

And as this New Moon is in the sign of Aquarius

Themes connected to freedom, individuality and liberation are likely to be important.

Aquarius is the most future orientated and community minded member of the zodiac.

Often mistaken as a water sign – the element connected to intuition, perception and empathy

Aquarius is actually an Air sign and is connected to the mind

So this New Moon is ushering in new ideas, new thoughts, new possibilites

And as it is the sign of the genius

It is especially important to take note of any flashes of inspiration that appear at this time

Because this is a potent time to step back and look at your life differently.

Two planets rule Aquarius so you may find that you are pulled in two different directions

One part of you listening to Uranus – the planet of the unconventional and the unexpected

And another part of you may be hearing the words of Saturn – the planet of realism and restriction

Uranus wants to turn your life upside down and create radical, powerful change

And Saturn urges caution asking that you remember and honour the safety of the old ways, the past-

No matter how toxic or stagnant that may be

However this Moon isn’t asking you to choose a side

As the astrological ‘water bearer’

Aquarius can hold all of the deep powerful emotions that you carry within

And while you may be feeling the tension of these two opposing forces

This is an actually an opportunity to integrate both energies

Because ultimately with Aquarius at the helm

Change is afoot as the rules for humanity are changing

And this Aquarian energy is all about creating a better, fairer world – collectively.

Yet this can only be achieved if you step into a better, fairer version of yourself.

This New Moon truly wants you to reach your highest potential

So this is the time to reflect on your long term dreams

To recognise that there are some goals that are now impossible to ignore

Especially in the area of your life where this New Moon falls

(Look at where 21 degree of Aquarius is in your natal chart)

Beacuse this is the part of you that is yearning for reformation and innovation.

What is it that sparks your excitement?

And remember

You’re not being asked to do this alone.

Aquarius is all about the group – being surrounded by your tribe

Who are the people that you want to surround yourself with?

This time can often call for a filtering of friends

The natural ebb and flow of relationships

This is part of the lunar journey.

And right now – the lunar call is asking you to sow the seeds for a new world

So take some time, under the dark sky, to visualise how you want your life to be

See the best possible version of yourself

The best possible version of your life

And set that intention – both for yourself and all of us who are sharing this journey of life

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